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Chart Example

These kits include a full-colour, easy to read, chart (also with symbols), imported silk gauze, two needles, ample DMC floss and instructions for stitching and finishing.

NOTE: For your convenience, stitch counts are given for these patterns in case you don't wish to stitch on the count of gauze provided in a kit. Hence, you can purchase the chart for a pattern and a piece of your preferred count silk gauze from the You can use either the suggested colours or your own.

To determine the finished size, divide the width and height stitches by the count of Silk Gauze you wish to use. For example, if the stitch count is shown as 106 wide by 77 high, on 40 count the finished size would be 2.6" by 2" (106 divided by 40 and 77 divided by 40). If you wanted to use 48 count Silk Gauze then divide by 48 and so on.

  18th Century Crewel Rug

18th Century Crewel RugThis traditional pattern is a companion to both the
and the

The colours are many including browns, greens, blues, black, red, pink, tangerine, gold and off-white on a pale yellow background.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 5.5" W by 3.7" H
Stitch Count: 219W x 146H

Regularly Priced at $48.00 - 30%

  110b Large Oriental Rug

Large Oriental RugAfter many requests, here is a very large rug.

Some wanted to make it on a smaller count silk gauze for " or " scales. If that is your desire you can buy the chart and silk gauze separately and supply your own threads.

This chart is 25 pages.

The kit colours are blues, coral/reds, gold and cream though if you supply your own threads you can change the colours to whatever you like.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze (supplied as the kit)
the finished size is 9.9" W by 11.5" H
Stitch Count: 395W x 461H

Other Counts (not supplied as a kit)
Worked on #48 count the size is 8.3" W by 9.6" H
Worked on #58 count the size is 6.8" W by 8" H

Regularly Priced at $73.00 - 30%

  112 Shiraz Rug

Shiraz RugA beautifully detailed rug of garnet, red, salmon, cream, blues and golds.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 4" W x 5.25" H
Stitch Count: 157W x 209H

Regularly Priced at $40.00 - 50%

  129 Shiraz Runner

Shiraz RunnerA really nice runner that blends easily with others rugs. The seven colours are two shades each of blue and garnet, gold, taupe and cream.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 2.1" W x 4.8" H
Stitch Count: 83W x 191H

Regularly Priced at $33.00 - 50%

  138 Chichi Geometric Rug

Chichi Geometric RugThis is a stunning rug with eight colours: three shades of rose/pink, two shades of blue, tan, ecru and brown.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 4.3" W x 5.2" H
Stitch Count: 171W x 207H

Regularly Priced at $38.00 - 30%

  101 Sarouk Carpet

Sarouk CarpetTwo shades of red, pink, terra cotta and two shades of gold and blue.
Worked on #40 count silk gauze
Finished Size is about 4" W x 5.5" H
Stitch Count: 153W x 213H

Regularly Priced at $39.00 - 50%

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