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#112 - Adjustable Standing Frame

Adjustable Standing Frame This frame is wonderful! It is completely articulated so the frame moves or tilts in any direction, independently from the base.

The frame also has holes along all 4 slats and has 4 tiny pegs so you can adjust it to any size you wish, glue in the pegs and mount your completed stitchery.

There are 3 parts to this piece: the frame itself, which pegs into the knuckle joint, which in turn, pegs into the base.

The adjustable standing frame is photographed from the side so you can see the intricate nature of its construction.

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Period: 18th Century, American Colonial c. 1750-1755
Size: 2-3/16" x 1-5/16" x 1-15/16"
(sizes approximate due to adjustability)

#113 - Needlework Stand

Needlework Stand Another classic that needs little or no description. The angle of the frame is adjustable.

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Period: 18th Century
Size: 1-5/8" x 1-11/16" x about 4" high

#115 - Yarn Holder

Yarn Holder Yarn holders were placed within easy reach as a handy place to hang threads and wools while stitching.

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Period: 18th Century
Size: 1-3/8" wide x 3-3/16" high

#116 - Colonial Hoop

Colonial Hoop This piece was made from photographs of the original in the Williamsburg Collection. The inner hoop is wood and the outer is brass which is secured with a brass screw and nut and is fully adjustable.

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Period: 18th Century
Size: Hoop, 1-1/16" in diameter; height 3-1/2"

#117 - Candlescreen

Candlescreen In the Colonial Era, the function of the candlescreen was to guard the flame of the candle from drafts. Decoratively, the screen was often embellished with the lady's needlework.

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Period: 18th Century
Size: 2" high x 3/4" wide

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