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The entire section of Hangings & Tapestries are now on sale for 50% off and less.

I would appreciate if you might want to pay attention to the "Ladies and Castle Tapestry." It is less than 50% off only because this particular tapestry does not sell well ...why? ...the results are not so well-known. Give this little beauty a chance! Although not specified in the instructions, you can back-stitch the "dressed" areas of the the ladies ...and they "pop," but in a suttle way ...just so you know. The colours are maganificent and the background's rich green colours promise a wonderful result!.

Added to that, you can select your choice of gauze to stitch in on, be it 24 or 75 count. And, if you would like microStitchery to mount it for you on a sturdy card-stock, just ask!

Concerns about shipping costs based on your order/quantity exceeding the norm? shipping costs can certainly be reduced.

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joy at microStitchery dot com
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Create petitpoint pillows, footstools, rugs, doorstops, carpets, benches, hoops, workbaskets, tapestries, Christmas stockings and more from Bobbie's kits and charts.

Supplies for sale include silk gauze, needles and UltrasuedeŽ for your projects. Secure online ordering is provided by Mal's Shopping Cart.

Browse the site and discover the selection of over 300 patterns Bobbie has created in her career. All kits are worked on silk gauze in 1 inch to 1 foot scale.

Bobbie was awarded Artisan status in 1983 then Fellow status in 1987 by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA). She was also a member of the Miniature Needlework Society and had been designing and stitching petitpoint for collectors since 1980.

Take a tour and bookmark the site so you can return often. You

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