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Please read through the description below regarding the Pillow kits as there have been changes made to them.

These kits include a full-colour chart, imported silk gauze, 2 needles, ample DMC floss, your choice of colour(s) for the ultrasuede backing of your pillow(s), batting for stuffing, complete instructions for assembling and a photo of a finished pillow.

NOTE: For your convenience, stitch counts are given for these patterns in case you do not wish to stitch on the count of gauze provided in a kit. Hence, you can request to stitch the pillow kits on another size count of gauze and the required thread will be adjusted to work with your modified pillow kit. Silk count gauze sizes are 24, 34, 40, 48, 58 and 75. Please make a note in the Comments section of your order form regarding the count of gauze you would like
To determine the finished size, divide the width and height stitches by the count of Silk Gauze you wish to use. For example, if the stitch count is shown as 106 wide by 77 high, on 40 count the finished size would be 2.6" by 2" (106 divided by 40 and 77 divided by 40). If you wanted to use 48 count Silk Gauze then divide by 48 and so on...

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